The Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center is committed to improving knowledge and awareness of dementia through collaborative education and outreach efforts. To support this commitment, we have established partnerships with several University of Michigan departments and institutions, and with community organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association. Our partnerships enable us to provide, co-sponsor, support and promote educational programs for individuals experiencing memory loss and for care partners. Please check out our events calendar for a listing of educational and support programs offered by the MADC, U-M Geriatrics Center, U-M Silver Club programs, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

MADC Speakers Bureau

The MADC sponsors a Speakers Bureau made up of our physicians, neuropsychologists, public health educators and clinical social workers that specialize in aging and dementia.

education-speakers bureau

The Speakers Bureau offers educational opportunities to University of Michigan students and professionals, and to community organizations, and agencies and institutions across Michigan and Ohio.

Presentation topics vary widely and can be tailored to the interests and needs of the audience.  To bring the Speakers Bureau to your organization, please contact the MADC Education Coordinator at (734) 764-5137.


Mind Matters Newsletter

The MADC Outreach, Recruitment and Education team publishes a bi-annual newsletter, Mind Matters. It highlights recent MADC activities, currently recruiting research studies, wellness programs, and education outreach events. The newsletter also spotlights MADC staff members, as well as the personal stories of our research or wellness participants.  Click here for the latest issue.

Wellness Initiative

The MADC offers a new way of learning through our Wellness Initiative. The goal of the MADC Wellness Initiative is to offer information and programs designed to promote whole body health and well-being for care partners and adults living with memory loss. wellness labyrinthThrough monthly group meetings and in-depth wellness education classes, care partners and adults living with memory loss have an opportunity to learn, create, revisit, renew and practice wellness skills and activities.  To learn more, visit the Live Well page of our website.


U-M Anthology

The MADC participated in a community engagement U-M Anthology-Shapes of Memory Lossproject that led to the publication of a collection of writings from persons with memory loss, family members and healthcare professionals.  The University of Michigan anthology, “The Shapes of Memory Loss” is available today.  Please click here to purchase your copy.