October 7, 2016

Wellness Initiative

  • Live Well

    Wellness is nurturing balance in our lives: mind, body and spirit.  It is practicing the ability to bring calm awareness to all that we do. Our goal is to help you Live Well in a life that includes memory loss and care partnering.  At the MADC wellness is found in our program offerings and is an integral part of our vision as a center.

    “When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.”

    – Kristin Neff

    We hear the words take care of yourself all the time.  We all know it is essential for health and personal well being, so, what does this really mean?  Our wellness programs are designed with this very question in mind.  What do you need to nurture balance in your life?  As we work towards a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, we aim to champion and celebrate the amazing courage of our clients who do their best to live well with memory loss every day.  They have inspired us and, in turn, we continue to create wellness programs where individuals can receive the support and information they need to support their desire to LIVE WELL.

    For more information about the Wellness Programs that we provide at the MADC, please click on the Wellness Programs tab above.

    For more about the MADC Wellness Initiative, watch this short video:

  • Wellness Programs

    The health and well-being of adults with cognitive loss and their care partners is a priority at The Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Since 2012, the MADC has employed private funding to develop, foster and evaluate wellness-based programming in Ann Arbor. Since its inception, The MADC Wellness Initiative has served over 600 people, sponsored over 50 monthly programs, 7 wellness retreats and 8, in-depth, multi-session classes.  In addition to our offerings in the community, we have been able to share our learnings at conferences and educational events around the state and region.

    Catching Your Breath

    Catching Your Breath

    Catching Your Breath is a free monthly program for learning and practicing stress resilience skills for continued health, balance and well-being. These skills are essential to healthy care partnering and living well.

    Stress is a part of life and we can learn to respond to its presence with presence and react less frequently on auto-pilot. When we regularly practice paying attention to the body, mind and heart, we enhance our ability to make balanced choices and hopefully, create a little space for moments of self-care and kindness. We do the best we can with the time we have every day, and this is enough.

    By taking care of ourselves, as care partners and human beings, we have more to give without depleting our own wellness reserves, which are essential to balanced living.



    Caregiver Wellness Day Retreats

    Caregiver Wellness Day Retreats

    Caregiver Wellness Day Retreats are half-day wellness, creativity and social retreats for care partners of adults living with memory loss at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Our next Caregiver Wellness Day will be on May 18th, 2018. Please call 734-936-8803 or click the registration tab above for more information and to register for this program.


    Mindfulness Based Dementia Care

    Mindfulness Based Dementia Care

    Mindfulness Based Dementia Care is an 8-week program designed for family members caring for a person with memory loss. Learn how the practice of mindfulness can help you cope with the challenges and stresses of dementia care, which may greatly improve the quality of life for both you and the person in your care. Mindfulness can help you develop awareness and compassion, which are essential to caring for yourself and others.  Compassionate attention helps develop and nurture focus, clarity, insight, love, compassion, and joy.  These qualities translate into reduced stress and anxiety, improvements in health and mental well-being, and greater adaptability and appreciation in life.  Mindfulness practice helps us to take care of ourselves and transform the suffering and stress in our lives. Please call 734-936-8803 for more information and to register.

    Mind 'n MOTION

    Mind ‘n MOTION

    The Mind ‘n Motion study is a 16-week instructional program that pairs a multi-factorial balance control model with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a long established and well researched health promotion program. The purpose of the study is to determine if this unique combination of techniques will reduce fall risk in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment or mild memory loss. The instructional program will meet for 2.5 hours, 1 time a week, for 16 weeks. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction curriculum will be presented during the first 8 weeks, followed by 8 weeks of multi-factorial balance control training.

    Participation Criteria:  55 or older, diagnosis of MCI or mild memory loss, able to walk across the room without a cane or walker, willing to complete home practice exercises

    Contact:  Laura Rice-Oeschger, lerice@med.umich.edu, (734)-936-8332

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