Bill Gates Announces His Investment in Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, has recently decided to invest in Alzheimer’s disease research!

“I first became interested in Alzheimer’s because of its costs—both emotional and economic—to families and healthcare systems. What I’ve heard from researchers, academics, funders, and industry experts makes me hopeful that we can substantially alter the course of Alzheimer’s if we make progress in five areas:

We need to better understand how Alzheimer’s unfolds.
We need to detect and diagnose Alzheimer’s earlier.
We need more approaches to stopping the disease.
We need to make it easier to get people enrolled in clinical trials.
We need to use data better.”

The Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center applauds Gates’ investment in Alzheimer’s research and hopes it helps researchers find answers to this horrible disease.

Read Gates’ full blog post about the news here.