Staff Spotlight: Sherry Teboe, 28 Years with the MADC

In March, Database Administrator, Sherry Teboe, celebrated her 40th anniversary of University of Michigan employment. 28 of those years were employed by the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Sherry joined the Center in 1990, working in data entry and data cleaning. Over the years, she took on additional responsibilities, building databases, generating data reports, learning data management software, and cleaning the data before it was submitted to the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center. Sherry shares that her favorite part of her role as Database Administrator is, “Seeing how the data I manage can help the other Center cores with their unique goals.”

There are few people who have the opportunity to see a major research center through its growth and development. Sherry has worked under four different directors and in several different locations on the University of Michigan campus, and she has shared in the challenges of losing federal funding, and the triumphs of regaining it. Sherry is an amazing part of the history of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and we are so grateful for her continued dedication to our center.

In reflecting on her 28 years with the Center, Sherry shares that her favorite part is the people with whom she is surrounded, and their commitment to meeting the needs of the community. “We have a really great team here, and it’s amazing to see all that we, as a team, are able to offer.” She looks forward to continuing to take part in our efforts to help those affected with, and caring for someone with, Alzheimer’s disease.