Center Faculty Publish New Finding on Ezrin Protein’s Link to Tau in Neurodegeneration

Irving Vega, PhD and Scott Counts, PhD of Michigan State University recently published, “Ezrin expression is increased during disease progression in a tauopathy mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease” with Bentham Science Publishers. Drs. Vega and Counts discovered that increased Ezrin protein abundance is associated with early stages of neurodegeneration in models experiencing a pathological aggregation of[…]

Colleen Greene Keeps her Mother’s Memory Alive by Fundraising for the Center

Meet Colleen Greene, Wellness Coordinator & Exercise Instructor for the U-M MHealthy program. Colleen is one of our Center’s generous donors for the past nine years. Following the death of her mother from Alzheimer’s disease, Colleen wanted to do something to contribute to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Uneasy about the prospect of raising[…]

The Latest in Alzheimer’s Disease Research from AAIC18

At the end of July, 23 faculty and junior investigators from our Center traveled to Chicago to attend the 2018 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC18) – the world’s largest conference focused on Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Many new research findings are announced at this venue. Following the conference, Dr. Bruno Giordani, Associate Director of the[…]