Dr. Sue Maixner leads LBD workshop at Mental Health & Aging Conference

31st Annual Mental Health & Aging Conference 

May 14 – 15, 2019

Kellogg Center, East Lansing 

Please join us at the upcoming Mental Health & Aging conference in Lansing on May 14 and 15. In addition to a variety of aging-related topics, Dr. Sue Maixner will be leading a workshop with two of our Rinne Lewy Body Dementia Initiative support group members, Barry and Annette Kaufman, on Wednesday morning of the conference. The workshop is titled, “When it isn’t Alzheimer’s: Exploring Lewy Body Dementia.”

The workshop will provide an overview of the Lewy body dementias, how they differentiate from other forms of dementia, how treatment differs, and the consequences of improper treatment. Dr. Maixner will discuss behaviors or “signs” that may help a clinician distinguish between the different types, and how one might advocate for a client who may have been misdiagnosed. Educational resources, including the Rinne Lewy Body Dementia Initiative, will be shared. The workshop will conclude with a patient-carepartner presentation and discussion on “10 Things We Learned with Lewy.”

For more information on the conference, and to register, please click here.