Dr. Seraji discusses the facts behind most popular dementia news headlines with MCCFAD

In March, Dr. Navid Seraji joined the recently funded Michigan Center for Contextual Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease (MCCFAD) to present on the science and myths behind the most popular dementia headlines. MCCFAD is focused on educating and cultivating research participation from underrepresented minorities, specifically Arab American and Latinx groups. Our Center was thrilled to partner with MCCFAD in educating the state about Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Seraji was joined by over 50 local Arab Americans in Dearborn as he discussed theories around Alzheimer’s disease and gum disease, a possible blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease, and several preventative theories including coconut oil, dietary amino acid L-serine, amyloid vaccines, and more.

For more information about MCCFAD, please visit their website here.