A generous donation from the Michigan State Auxiliary benefits Alzheimer’s disease research

Since 1975, we have been pleased to partner with and have the support of Michigan Fraternal Order of Eagles chapters across the state. This past year, we were thrilled to be selected by longtime partner, Linda Day, Madame President of the Michigan State Auxiliary, as the recipient of their 2019 philanthropy. We could not be more grateful to Linda and her team for their hard work fundraising for our Center this past year. In June, we learned that their efforts equated to $73,000 in donations to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Stephen Campbell, Research Projects Manager for the Center, and longtime partner with the Fraternal Order of Eagles stated, “Indeed, these are hard earned dollars and we are humbled that they chose our group as the recipient of such a generous contribution.” Center Director Dr. Hank Paulson also shared, “These funds will go a long way in our effort to find biomarkers of dementia that will improve diagnosis and speed the discovery of therapies.” Every cent donated to our Center brings us one step closer to investing in groundbreaking research, and potential life changing discoveries. Thank you to Linda and her team, and to all who donate to our Center.