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This past summer, our team worked to summarize the many facets of our work into short videos. We hope whether you’re a research participant interested in knowing how we securely store your data, or a member of our support groups interested in learning more about getting involved in research, that you’ll find these helpful and educational. 

Click here to view the video library.


  • Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments presented by Judy Heidebrink, M.D., M.S.
  • Why You Should Participate in Research by Arijit Bhaumik
  • What We Do with Participant Data by Jonathan Reader, M.S.
  • About the U-M Memory and Aging Project by Holly Bunker, M.A.
  • The U-M Memory and Aging Project Visit by Stephen Campbell, LMSW
  • The MiNDSet Registry by Kate Hanson, M.A.
  • Minority Representation in Research by Danielle Davis
  • Our Caregiver Programs presented by Laura Rice-Oeschger, LMSW
  • Our Programs for People Living with Dementia by Ashley Miller, M.P.H.
  • The Rinne Lewy Body Dementia Initiative by Renee Gadwa, M.B.A,
  • How to Get Involved with the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center by Erin Fox