Experts Featured in Season 2 of Michigan’s State of Health Podcast

Michigan’s State of Health podcast is a podcast about reconnecting to care. It is a spinoff of the State of Health feature story series. The second season of Michigan’s State of Health podcast explores how Michigan is changing the conversation about dementia on both a local and national level. The podcast spotlights Michigan’s dementia experts about the most pressing topics related to dementia.

Our faculty sit down with the show’s host to provide their expertise on topics related to diagnosis, disparities, research, and more. Episodes that feature our faculty are listed below.

Episode 1: Dementia is not a death sentence

Episode 2: No more “diagnose and adios”: Rethinking dementia diagnosis

Episode 3: Dementia disparities in communities of color

Episode 5: Inside the rapidly expanding field of dementia research

New episodes are shared every Wednesday. Be sure to tune in to listen!

The Michigan’s State of Health podcast is produced by Issue Media Group and made possible by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.