July 12, 2016

Clinical Care

Image above: The Cognitive Disorders Program clinic team (2019). Left to right: Toni Jackson, Kristina Tomasik, Dr. Judy Heidebrink, Marie Milliken, Dr. Navid Seraji, Selina Mathis, Dr. Henry Paulson, Dr. Roger Albin, Dr. Sami Barmada, Dr. Nan Barbas (retired). 

The Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center promotes care, support, and wellness for individuals and families affected by memory loss by partnering with the Cognitive Disorders Program at the University of Michigan Geriatrics Center.

Many people experience changes in their memory as they get older. Some changes are normal. Other changes may be a sign of a memory loss condition. If you are concerned about changes in memory, personality or thinking, it is important to schedule an evaluation with a specialist such as a neurologist or geriatrician. An evaluation can help you:

  • Understand the cause of your memory or thinking changes
  • Learn more about treatment options
  • Discover ways to maximize skills and promote quality of life
  • Plan for the future

To schedule an appointment at the Cognitive Disorders Clinic, call 734-764-6831.

The Cognitive Disorders Program brings together experts in neurology, nursing, and social work to provide high quality care. The Cognitive Disorders Program’s multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Judy Heidebrink, M.D. – Director
  • Henry Paulson, M.D., Ph.D. – Co-Director
  • Roger Albin, M.D.
  • Sami Barmada, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Navid Seraji-Bozorgzad, M.D.
  • Toni Jackson, R.N.
  • Marie Milliken, LMSW
  • Kristina Tomasik, N.P.
  • Anna Tolis, M.S.W.

Interested in learning more about current Alzheimer’s disease treatments? Learn more in this video by Cognitive Disorders Clinic Director, Judy Heidebrink, M.D., M.S. 

Are you looking for information about Aducanumab (Aduhelm™)? Aducanumab is not available at Michigan Medicine. In August 2021, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee voted against its use based on a review of the available information. Find patient information available here

Are you looking for information about Lecanemab (Leqembi™)? As of February 2023, the University of Michigan is reviewing Lecanemab to determine if it can be provided to appropriate patients. This review will take several months. Find FAQ and patient information available here.