October 4, 2019

“Dementia for Scientists” Online Curriculum

The “Dementia for Scientists” online curriculum debuted in September 2018. You can find it on YouTube here. The goal of this curriculum is to provide a broad and current introduction to important aspects of dementias and dementia-related research. The target audience is junior investigators.

Why did we create this curriculum?

Dementia research is highly diverse in content, ranging from basic biophysical research to social science. While investigators entering the field from diverse research backgrounds are well-trained in their own discipline, they may lack broader knowledge of the many aspects of dementia and dementia research that are important in understanding critical issues in the field. This curriculum aims to provide a relatively sophisticated introduction to critical aspects of dementias across the broad sweep of the field. The ultimate goal is to enhance the ability of junior investigators to read and understand relevant literature outside their own disciplines.

How the curriculum is structured

The curriculum consists of eight modules, each of which addresses an important area in contemporary dementia research. The modules begin with basic definitional material (Dementia Definition and Evaluation) and proceed through biology of dementias (Dementia Pathology & Pathogenesis; Dementia Genetics), clinical research (Dementia Imaging; Therapy Development in Dementias), and important policy and social science aspects of dementias (Health Services and Policy Dementia Research; Research Performance in Ethnically Diverse Populations).

We encourage users to view all modules, though many may wish to focus on topics outside their areas of expertise. Modules 1, 2, 5, & 6 might be said to constitute core elements that everyone should know.

Please send any feedback to Stephanie Nava at senava@med.umich.edu.