July 13, 2016

Join A Study

Join a Study

Now is the time to join our research team. Research participation is a generous gift – a gift that can be shared with future generations as we pave the way to new discoveries in treatment and prevention.
join-a-studyResearch participation contributes to the discovery of new ways to diagnose, treat and support people with Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder. The University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project (UM-MAP), our primary memory and aging study at the MADC, aims to enhance our understanding of the earliest signs of memory or thinking changes. This study simply evaluates naturally occurring changes in behavior and health status of research volunteers over a period of time. Once you are enrolled in UM-MAP, our study coordinator can connect you to other observational, imaging and clinical drug trials that best fit your interests and needs.How do you join a study? First learn about our enrolling studies. We are currently seeking research volunteers experiencing early signs of memory changes as well as healthy older adults. We understand that participating in research is not always an easy decision. Individuals and their families should carefully consider all of the possible benefits and risks before agreeing to participate.  Please let us know your questions or concerns, call Stephen Campbell at 734-763-2361 or send an email to stepcamp@umich.edu.