August 23, 2016


Arijit K. Bhaumik, BA, CCRP - Research Administrator

Arijit Bhaumik, BA, CCRP - Research Administrator 

Contact: or 734-936-8281

Arijit has worked at the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center since 2007, managing neurodegenerative clinical trials and longitudinal research projects. He has been the Center's Research Administrator since 2016. Ari's expertise lies in clinical research protocol management and working with cross-generation populations. He has a deep understanding of highly intricate grants that involve multiple investigators at multiple universities, complex budgets, and multiple sub-awards. Ari possesses all of these skills and is recognized by his peers for his ability to bridge the gap between research budgeting, research operations planning and execution of the research strategy. He is an excellent communicator, emphasizing creative and dynamic strategies for multicultural, cross-generational and multipurpose understanding of research within our Center. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Counseling at Richmond University, London, UK, and studied Cognitive Psychology at the post-baccalaureate level at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is also a Certified Clinical Research Professional (SoCRA). In 2018 he was awarded the Camille Mrozowski Award for Service and Excellence in Research sponsored by the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research.
Kristen Brasington - Imaging Assistant
Kristen Brasington - Research Assistant  Contact: or 734-615-3421 For nearly the last decade, Kristen has been a proud and active member of the Michigan Medicine community, taking pride in providing advanced clinical care and ground breaking research.  Witnessing the powerful and life changing impact Michigan Medicine brought to her family is what inspired Kristen to initially seek becoming a member of Michigan Medicine. Now, since specializing in medical imaging, during her time here, Kristen has become more passionate about the positive impact that can come from the clinical innovation, research and education cultivated by the Michigan Medicine community. She now wishes to continue pursuing this passion as a Research Assistant for our Center, specializing in participant imaging that will help increase dementia awareness by connecting interested volunteers to research opportunities.
Holly Bunker, MS - Research Engagement Coordinator
Holly Bunker, MA - Research Engagement Coordinator Contact: or 734-615-5319 Holly Bunker joined the Center in 2018 as the Research Engagement Coordinator. Holly has a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University and a master's degree in Health Education from Wayne State University. Holly is responsible for enrolling participants into the Center's primary research study, the University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project (UM-MAP), and is our research participants’ main point of contact throughout their participation in this longitudinal study. In addition to managing the UM-MAP study, Holly works closely with study coordinators for other Center-supported studies.
Stephen Campbell, LMSW - Research Projects Manager
Stephen Campbell, LMSW - Research Projects Manager  Contact: or 734-763-2361 Stephen is responsible for a variety of activities within the Clinical Core. He manages the Center's core study, the University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project (UM-MAP) which includes direction of study related activities and regulatory issues. Stephen also manages collaborative efforts between the University of Michigan and other research institutions. Stephen received Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Eastern Michigan University.
Olivia Cross - Michigan Brain Bank Research Technician
Olivia Cross - Michigan Brain Bank Research Technician  Contact: or 734-647-7648 Olivia is a research technician at the Michigan Brain Bank and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. Olivia earned her Bachelor’s in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and hopes to continue her education in Biochemistry while preparing for medical school. As a Brain Bank research technician Olivia plays a critical role in tissue collection via autopsy services and distribution to researchers throughout the country. Prior to the Brain Bank Olivia’s research included use of animal models to study the role of abnormalities in the cortical cholinergic system leading to attentional deficits that characterize a variety of both neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. Olivia is very excited to converge her research of animals to translational clinical research in humans and to further develop an understanding of the intricacies of clinico-pathologic diagnoses in neuro and psychopathology.
Danielle Davis, BA - Community Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator
Danielle Davis, BA - Community Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator  Contact: Danielle Davis joined the Center in April 2020 as a Community Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator. Her role includes planning outreach events in Detroit churches, sororities, fraternities and other organizations as well as coordinating recruitment of potential research participants, especially from underrepresented minorities. Danielle is a Michigan State University graduate, with a BA degree in Family Community Services with over twelve years of Community Outreach experience. Prior to joining the Center, Danielle worked for the Alzheimer’s Association - Greater Michigan Chapter as a Coordinator of their Detroit minority outreach initiative.
Katrail Davis, BS - Research Assistant
Katrail Davis, BS - Research Assistant  Contact: or 734-615-7421 Katrail Davis is a Wayne State University graduate, having earned a BS degree in psychology. She joined the Center in 2019 as a Research Assistant. At the Center, Katrail helps to administer neuropsychological assessments. She is currently preparing to apply to graduate schools with the goal of becoming a clinical psychologist.
Erin Fox, BA - Communications Specialist
Erin Fox, BA - Communications Specialist Contact: or 734-232-2459 Erin Fox is the Center's Communications Specialist. She is responsible for coordinating the Center's communications channels including the website, newsletters, e-newsletters, social media, flyers, presentations and more. She also markets and advertises Center activities and programs in the community and to professionals. Erin plans events for the Center including health fairs, symposiums, and fundraisers. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA degree in Communication Studies.
Renee Gadwa, MBA - Outreach and Education Program Manager
Renee Gadwa, MBA - Outreach & Education Program Manager  Contact: or 734-764-5137

Renee is responsible for the management, performance and completion of outreach and recruitment activities at the Center and in the community. She leads a wide range of educational events, including health fairs, lectures and community presentations and oversees recruitment into Center supported research studies. Renee’s job also focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of all activities and programs of the Carl Rinne Lewy Body Dementia Initiative. Renee has nearly ten years of experience in dementia care, education, and support in the long term care setting and has been at the Center since 2015. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a minor in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and her MBA in Healthcare Management from Southern New Hampshire University.

Theresa Gierzynski, LLMSW - Research Coordinator
Theresa Gierzynski, LLMSW - Research Coordinator  Contact: or 734-615-0612 Theresa Gierzynski joined the Center in 2018 as a Research Coordinator. Her role includes administering and scoring neuropsychology assessments, study coordination, and training new staff. Theresa has been a professional in the field of aging and dementia for nearly a decade. She has formerly worked as a Research Technician at Wayne State University’s Institute of Gerontology on several research projects and was a lead author on a peer-reviewed publication. Theresa was also employed as a Program Coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Michigan Chapter and provided education and outreach to healthcare professionals, family caregivers, and those living with dementia. Theresa Gierzynski earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Madonna University in 2011 and her Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University in 2018.
Kate Hanson, MA - Recruitment Coordinator
Kate Hanson, MA - Recruitment Coordinator  Contact: or 734-936-8332 Kate joined the Center in 2018, working for the Date Core team in Research Support. In 2019 she joined the Outreach & Recruitment Core where she acts as a liaison between the Data, Clinical and Outreach Cores. Kate works with the Clinical Core to process and initiate new studies affiliated with the Center and with the Data Core to provide study teams with the data requests particular to each study. Kate works to keep our growing registry of research participants active and up-to-date, matching volunteers with appropriate studies that meet the needs of volunteers and study teams alike. She earned both a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education at the University of Michigan.
Stephanie Jimenez - Imaging Assistant
Stephanie Jimenez - Research Assistant  Contact: or 734-615-3346 Stephanie Jimenez joined Center as a Research Assistant as of January 2020. She is a political science student who feels passionate about promoting equality, diversity and inclusion through research and has a deep yearning to make a difference. Previously, Stephanie has volunteered abroad in countries such as Argentina and Mexico in order to help create societies that are more informed and accepting about mental health related issues. Stephanie is excited to work for our Center and is currently preparing to pursue a graduate career in which she may be able to continuously promote the importance of human rights, equality, and mental health by promoting education and awareness.
Marisa Kelly, BA - Research Assistant
Marisa Kelly, BA - Research Assistant  Contact: or 734-764-0212 Marisa Kelly joined the Center as a Research Assistant in June 2018. Her role primarily includes administering neuropsychological assessments to participants and training new staff to administer these assessments. She also occasionally serves as an IRB/Regulatory Affairs support for the Center. Marisa earned her BA degree in Psychology from Michigan State University in May 2014. She also completed the University of Michigan Medical School's Premedical Postbaccalaureate MEDPREP program in May 2019.  Marisa is excited to join the entering class of 2020 at the Medical College of Wisconsin in August 2020.
Nancy Laracey, BA - Center Administrator
Nancy Laracey, BA - Center Administrator  Contact: or 734-936-8764 Nancy oversees the Center's daily operations and is responsible for administrative, financial and human resources activities. Nancy earned her BA degree from Michigan State University. She has an outstanding record of service, having dedicated over thirty years of her career to the University of Michigan in various positions in the Medical School.
Kelly Mattingly, LMSW - Support Group Facilitator
Kelly Mattingly, LMSW - Support Group Facilitator Contact: Kelly joined the Center in 2017 as a support group facilitator for care partners of people living with Lewy body dementia. With a background in hospice, home health, and long term care settings, Kelly has nearly ten years of experience in dementia care. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University and her masters from the Denver University School of Social Work in 2009.  Kelly currently supports the Rinne Lewy Body Dementia Initiative’s Ann Arbor, Brighton, Lansing, and West Bloomfield Lewy body dementia support groups.
Shehroz Malik - Brain Bank Laboratory Technician
Shehroz Malik - Brain Bank Laboratory Technician  Contact: Shehroz Malik joined the Center as the Michigan Brain Bank Laboratory Technician in 2017. Shehroz plays an important role in distributing samples to Michigan Brain Bank collaborators across the University of Michigan campus and throughout the United States. He is earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology & Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan with an expected graduation date in 2021. He is interested in learning about the brain anatomy and investigating the crucial factors of neurodegenerative pathology. Shehroz intends to attend medical school and one day become a neurosurgeon.
Nicolas May, MS - Data Systems Manager
Nicolas May, MS - Data Systems Manager Contact: or 734-232-2358 Nic joined the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center in 2018 as a database specialist working most closely with the Data Core and Clinical Core. His role expanded to lead the Data Core in 2020. He designs and builds automated data integration systems using multiple ETL and reporting tools, and generally uses technology to help speed things up, answer questions, and solve problems. He earned a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Ashley Miller, MPH - Wellness Coordinator
Ashley Miller, MPH - Wellness Coordinator  Contact: or 734-615-8293 Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and her Master’s degree in Public Health, Health Behavior and Health Education in 2016 and 2018 respectively, both at the University of Michigan. As a part of her Master’s degree program, she interned at the MADC in 2018. She joined the MADC full time in 2019 as their Wellness Coordinator. As the Wellness Coordinator, Ashley assists with all Wellness Programming for both care partners and individuals with dementia in addition to assisting with community outreach and education for the center. She is passionate about connecting art and health to improve wellness. If you have any questions about wellness programming at the MADC, please feel free to reach out to her!
Rebecca Pantis, BS - Research Coordinator
Rebecca Pantis, BS - Research Coordinator  Contact: or 734-764-4416 Rebecca joined the Center as a Research Coordinator in 2018. She works with the Clinical Core on the University of Michigan Memory and Aging Project (UM-MAP). Her role in the Clinical Core is to educate participants about the UM-MAP study, collect demographic information, and administer neuropsychological assessments. Rebecca graduated from the University of Michigan with her BS degree in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. Rebecca is interested in getting to know more about neurodegenerative diseases and hopes to continue doing more research after she attends medical school.
Alexis Passamani, BS - Data Entry Assistant
Alexis Passamani, BS - Data Entry Assistant  Contact: Alexis Passamani joined the Center in December 2019. She completed her Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Grand Valley State University in the fall of 2019. She loves to work with data and researchers to get a better understanding of how research is conducted as well as look into various degenerative diseases. She is currently preparing for graduate/medical school in order to gain her MD/PhD in Neuroscience and one day conduct her own research.
Matthew Perkins, BS - Michigan Brain Bank Coordinator
Matthew Perkins, BS - Michigan Brain bank Coordinator  Contact: or 734-647-7648 For autopsy assistance: 734-936-6267 (pager #9198) Matthew Perkins is the coordinator of the Michigan Brain Bank. He has been involved in research at the University of Michigan since 2012. Matthew coordinates the Center's brain autopsy services and collaborates with research groups across the University of Michigan campus. He is passionate about improving clinical care and research through his involvement in autopsy services. Matthew earned his BS degree in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan. For more information about the Michigan Brain Bank, visit the website here.
Betsy Posby, NP - Nurse Practitioner
Betsy Posby, NP Contact: Betsy Posby joined the Center in 2018. Her role includes administering neurological assessments, recruiting for studies, and providing education to research participants. Betsy completed her undergraduate nursing degree at the University of Michigan. She spent six years as a research Registered Nurse at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center in Chicago. She spent the second half of those six years completing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at Rush University, studying to be an Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. As a nurse practitioner, Betsy has worked in palliative care, long-term care and home health.
Jonathan Reader, MS - Programmer/Data Analyst
Jonathan Reader, MS - Database Administrator Associate  Contact: or 734-936-9048 Jonathan joined the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center in July 2019 as a database administrator associate. He earned his master's degree in Human Development & Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. He is interested in using technology to improve the efficiency of the research process as a whole. This includes working with data from collection to publication with the ultimate goal of improving individuals’ lives via policy-level impact. In his spare time, he enjoys Netflix, reading, and spending time with his friends and family (including his cat, Albany).
Marie Robinson, BSN - Research Assistant
Marie Robinson, BSN - Research Assistant  Contact: Marie Robinson joined the Center in August 2018. Prior to joining us, Marie worked as Community-Based Research Nurse and Outreach Liaison for the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research’s Clinical Research Unit (MICHR/MCRU). Her role includes performing phlebotomy and/or collecting saliva, and processing the biospecimen samples for research repositories. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) from the University of Michigan.
Laura Rice-Oeschger, LMSW - Wellness Initiative

Laura Rice-Oeschger, LMSW - Wellness Initiative 

Contact: or 734-615-8210

Since 2012, Laura has led the Wellness Initiative at the Center where she designs, implements, and evaluates wellbeing and self-care programming for family caregivers. Moved by family experiences with long-term illness and memory loss, Laura has worked in dementia care since 1996 in a variety of capacities. She was the first Director of Michigan Medicine’s Silver Club Memory Loss Programs prior to serving as the clinical manager for the Early Stage Initiative at the Los Angeles regional Alzheimer’s Association. Laura is a national and state presenter on memory loss and caregiver wellbeing, has advanced professional training in mindfulness-based interventions and holds professional certifications in aging, dementia and contemplative clinical care.  Laura is the lead teacher and trainer of the Mindfulness-based Dementia Care (MBDC) program, the first to launch this program in a community-based setting (at the MADC) and the co-creator of the MBDC professional training program.  Laura continues to train clinicians nationally and around the world in MBDC in collaboration with colleagues through the Presence Care Project.  She works closely with other organizations to bring wellness education to caregivers in the state of Michigan through the THRIVE Network project. Laura is an Anthony V. DeVito II Memorial Award recipient. This award is presented annually by the U-M Geriatrics Center to recognize outstanding service, dedication and commitment to excellence in geriatrics education in Michigan. She received her MSW from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in 1997.
Edna Rose, PhD, MSW, RN-BC - Minority Outreach Specialist
Edna Rose,PhD, MSW, RN-BC - Minority Outreach Specialist 

Contact: or 734-936-8329

Since 2008, Dr. Edna Rose has provided education about the risk factors associated with dementia and the benefits of participating in research to minority communities. She has successfully enhanced minority inclusion in Center-supported studies through linkages at local churches, sororities, fraternities and other social organizations. Dr. Rose received her MSW and PhD from Clark Atlanta University in Social Work Planning and Administration, and her undergraduate nursing degree from Kennesaw University in Atlanta.

Sarah Shair, MS - ELECTRA Research Coordinator

Sarah Shair, MS - Research Coordinator 

Contact: or 313-577-1276

Sarah joined the Center in 2013 as a Research Assistant. Beginning in May 2019, she has been based at Wayne State University managing a joint research study between their Institute of Gerontology and the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center. The study, called ELECTRA for short, is examining the role of electroencephalogram (EEG) and computerized testing in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in at-risk African Americans. Her role involves coordination of the study and joint-enrollment of participants at both universities, management of the research team, maintenance of regulatory documents and approvals, assisting with the publication and presentation of study results, presenting at outreach events, recruiting and enrolling participants, and administering informed consent and neuropsychological examinations. Sarah has nearly 15 years of research experience. She earned her Bachelor’s degree with High Honors in Psychology from the University of Michigan and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State.
Sherry Teboe - Database Administrator Associate

Sherry Teboe - Data Manager

Contact: or 734-936-0836

Sherry has made her career at the University of Michigan for over forty years and has been a vital member of the Center for more than thirty of those years.  Sherry is involved in creating the secure data entry system. She ensures that all data collected from Center-supported studies remain confidential and ready for analysis by research investigators who are interested in enhancing our understanding of memory loss and dementia. She is very interested in spending time with the elderly to grow from their years of wisdom and their wonderful sense of humor.

Louann Walch, BA - Data Entry Specialist
Louann Walch, BA - Data Entry Specialist  Contact: or 734-615-3593 Louann has been at the University of Michigan for over ten years and became a member of the Center in 2019. She works as a Data Entry Specialist in the Data Core. She obtained her Bachelors of Business Management Healthcare in 2012 at Cleary University. She enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and her two dogs.